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Dear Death,

Talking about death, grief, and loss can often times be intimidating and confusing. What do I say? Do I say anything?

These questions are addressed here to not only teach you how to be a better friend to those who are hurting, but also how you can develop a deeper sense of empathy for anyone walking through a time of suffering.

Dear Death,

My friend died in a car accident six months ago. This week I got a message from her sister who would like for us to meet. She knows I was a close friend. I am nervous about this meeting because I don't know how to talk with someone who has lost their sister. I don't want to make her sad or make it harder for her. What should I say?


How great that she has reached out to you! Let her take the lead in the conversations. Do not be afraid to talk about your friend, her sister, when she brings her up. It is usually comforting to family to hear stories about their loved one that they may not have heard. She may want a safe person to talk to about her sister. You can share fun and good memories with her that she can carry with her. Think about what you would want to know if you had lost your sister. What fun things did you like to do together? What did she do that always made you laugh? How did she bless other people? Maybe she worked in a food pantry for the poor and her sister would have not known that. Encourage her that her sister affected your life and will not be forgotten.