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What is The Diewell Project? The mission of The Diewell Project is to share people's stories of grief and show that life is valuable, worth living, and that even in the darkest times we can be carriers of hope. The Diewell Project educates viewers through film with the goal of developing a deeper sense of compassion and care. 

These films will combat isolation by showing people that they are not alone in their grief, while opening up conversations about grief and end-of life issues. There are powerful lessons to be learned through others' stories. Through these stories, viewers will be better equipped to face terminal illnesses, chronic issues, traumatic deaths, and the end of life for themselves, their loved ones and their patients.



Yes! We have found that the best way to teach empathy is to let you get into someone else's story. Film is a great tool to do that. Stepping into someone else's pain or situation allows you to understand and share the feelings of the other person. This gives you greater insight and for a healthcare giver can make you more effective in treating your patient.

In the past, medical education had little emphasis on the humanities side. Now the medical field is recognizing the need for specific training in interpersonal skills and empathy. Improving your ability to empathize helps you understand the perspectives, needs, misunderstandings, and intentions of others. Doctors who are more empathic often have better patient satisfaction and can more adequately deal with their own emotional well-being.

We want your stories to share with others. We also want your questions–how can we direct you in walking with someone in grief? We want your financial help in producing additional films to educate people and equip others.


"...most medical students are smart enough to learn how to be a good doctor, but to be a great doctor you need to learn how to listen, keep an open mind and be empathetic"....The Diewell Project endeavors to teach that key component of empathy via people's stories on film."

"It is a wicked disease. Today with your loved one is the best it is going to be. The world has got to be aware of this disease. It is earth shattering. It destroys the person with the disease. Alzheimers can destroy families. I'm not going to let that happen. The Diewell Project is helping to get my story out there. I refuse to go down without a fight."

"The room was so quiet and so cold. The atmosphere was like death. There was nothing happy in there. There was no heartbeat. She was not alive. How can she be gone? I came in to deliver a baby, and now my arms are empty. She would never take a breath on earth. There is no coping....you are numb. But sharing my story is an important way to heal."

"My baby brother went to be with Jesus. The flood of emotions that hit me in those moments is hard to put into words. I honestly don't remember all of it. I also saw that everybody's grief is different. Our prayer now is to walk away from bitterness and to go forward as a family. 'We don't want to be sad that it is over, we want to be glad that it happened." 

"I am a Pre-PA student, and this really enlightened me and put me a step above everyone else. I now know how to treat a patient with respect, and how to discuss death and dying in a comfortable manner." 

" It is one of those rare projects where the existential questions of humanity are met with the reality of death. The taboo questions were asked and discussed at length. One of the most valuable take-a-ways was learning what tools to use when having a conversation about death. I can think of times in medical school where I have drawn on experiences in Professor Tuel's class that have guiding me when talking with patients about their end-of-life care." 


We would love to hear your personal story. The Diewell Project is fueled by people who have chosen to share their stories of death, grief, loss, and resilience. We feel it is truly an honor to be included in the dark seasons & sacred moments of people’s lives.

As The Diewell Project continues to grow, our goal is to capture & share as many stories as possible. Please feel welcome to share your story with us below, and we would love to follow-up with you. If you are interested in helping to fund the stories we receive, please visit our Sponsorship page.

Submitting a Story :

  • The story you are about to share is both accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge.
  • You give consent to The Diewell Project to share your story publicly, including your name.
  • Any and all parties personally named in the story have given you consent to include their name in the story and/or to display their likeness in any photo you provide (if applicable).
  • The Diewell Project reserves the right to edit your story to reflect clarity and brevity, as well as correct grammar and punctuation, in order to be shared on social media platforms.
  • If you upload a photo or video with your story, you will be releasing that photo or video to The Diewell Project to be used on social media as well as printed materials, website content, or other uses.
  • You agree that you have the right to release the photo to The Diewell Project. If you are not sure about any of the above terms, please email us and we will gladly walk through them with you!

We look forward to hearing from you! Every story is important and we want to share yours where it will help the most.